CS25WA is free flowing copper sulphate with high copper content but extremely low heavy metal content. It has up to 2.5% anticake agent (silisium dioxide) depends on customers need and usuage purpose.

Animal Nurtition

Copper sulphate is a naturally-occurring inorganic salt and copper is an essential trace element in plant and animal nutrition. The most general method, incorporating copper sulphate along with other minerals and vitamins in the form of carefully blended supplements in the feeding stuffs

Stimulation of Growth for Fattening Pigs and Broiler Chickens

The inclusion of up to as much as 0.1% copper sulphate in the diet of bacon and pork pigs and broiler chickens stimulates appetite and produces increased growth rate with a marked improvement in feed conversion.

Copper Sulphate is a dietary copper supplement for use in dairy cows to prevent and treat copper deficiency in livestock. It can be mixed with most nutritional animal health products. It is soluble in water so can be administered through the drinking water. Copper sulphate is a convenient method of providing supplementary dietary copper to animals. It can be administered as an oral drench, through the drinking water or added to supplementary feed. Copper sulphate can also be dissolved in water and sprayed onto pasture as a foliar application. Foliar application should be done in the autumn, winter or early spring, as these are the periods of peak requirement.



We produce copper sulphate technical grade, agricultural grade, and free flowing copper sulphate, all with extremely low heavy metal content.


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